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Message from Chairman

Noble Development Co., Ltd., (Public) focus to operate its business by relying on basis of corporate governance in well-being business with ethics and moral as well corporate social responsibility to Social, Community and Environment as main factors to create added value by sustainably for shareholders and stakeholders in all groups.

Board initially set out the policy to direct the business in writing in 2008 and revised its policy of business’s direction in every year to develop of company’s corporate governance continuously. In 2020, Board has revised its policy of corporate governance in the board meeting 1st / 2020 on the date of 27 February 2020 by updating provisions as correspondence of criterion of corporate governance as set out additionally by Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) to modify the criterion of assessment on basis of universal principle, provision of SET as well as provisions of related authorities.

The corporate governance policy as revised issue 2020 made as the handbook and revealed on website of its company for acknowledgment of all directors, managements and employees to understand and apply as their practices strictly and effective since on 27 February 2020. The company strongly believe that those all directors, managements and employees shall comply with obligation under good corporate governance for sustainable growth.

Thongchai Busrapan
Noble Development Public Company Limited


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The company has received “5 Star (Excellent) CG Scoring” of The Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies 2020 (CGR), conducted by the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) which is supported by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)